Quit Whining About Hood By Air Fall/Winter 2014

Hood By Air just dropped this new video lookbook for their F/W 14 collection, and it's basically a series of those product videos on Mr. Porter edited together. Except, instead of expensive ass Euro shit, here you'll find leather straps, zippers and exposed man thigh—your typical HBA flagrant offerings. And, for the record, I would probably wear those straight jacket pants with a white T-shirt and Timbs if presented with the opportunity, so fuck you.

The knee jerk reaction when it comes to Hood By Air is to dismiss it as total and utter troll fuckery. While it's easy to see that HBA wants to provoke, it's only "provocative" insofar as it doesn't fit within the extremely limited view of contemporary men's fashion. But lots of things that seem radical at one point end up becoming commonplace. Back in the '50s it was considered unsavory when Brando wore a white tee in Streetcar and the same goes for James Dean's blue jeans in Rebel. I'm sure it scares a lot of people to think that they could, one day, be part of a world where Hood By Air's aesthetic is considered the norm (for the record, chances are it probably won't), but times change and those who resist typically turn up on the asshole side of things somewhere down the line. Honestly, when it comes to HBA, I think we need to quit the whining.

  • Ben Gallagher

    i can’t believe you’ve tried to justify this

  • asdf

    the beef with HBA is that it’s unoriginal (making some whack jumpoff with black chaps doesn’t make you the future…it just makes you dumb af), poor quality (actually feel one of the garments and its stitching, fabric and tell me it’s worth anywhere near the price), and not designed thoughtfully (they design their t-shirts in like 2 days and shit them out).

  • http://twitter.com/tylersadams Tyler Adams

    Is this normcore.

  • Fangsfriend

    U gotta be near blind 2 not see some killer pieces in this collection. Thigh boots ain’t 1 of em tho- trash them-

  • Dillon

    Pretentious white people be like

  • queb

    Arca killed the soundtrack though.

  • WAVY

    If this asshole (no pun) is a visionnary in your book you are way too deep into fashion to be saved mang… But then again more power to you if this ridiculous and obscene BDSM village-people-from-space type shit flows your boat. I’m too old for this shit and if that’s the future then I’m waaaay too young for this shit

    • Ekwinoks

      lol he’s wearing a blouse

  • Diabolus ex Machina

    Sus. Very very sus. Not even gonna front like some of the jackets weren’t nice, but in general, nah.

  • kealoha

    it’s the thom browne of streetwear

    • StrassBoss

      Yeah no … being that I only wear Thom Browne no lol – but if you’re referring to his runway shows yes, his ready to wear, no

  • rds

    HBA: making niggas look like hypebeasting gay cowboys since 2009

  • Milo

    damn this shit will make men look like wonder woman! wtf….

  • matt

    Not gonna lie, some of the outfits were dope…that all red outfit reminded me of the royal guard in starwars episode 1

  • DB

    Comparing HBA to Brando’s white tee and Dean’s blue jeans? Hahahahaha nice try.

  • Mr.Barfis

    This the newest wiz khalifa video?

  • hcd

    some of the pants were sick

  • Anon

    Some of this shit is straight out of Bruno

  • Travaun Whittaker

    This crap is fetishcore Asap Rockiecore Kanyecore YoungThugcore but it is not what you should even entertainwearingcore

  • Galactus

    Complex pushing that gay hip hop shit too huh, #NotHardTooTell these cats are about assimilation with the f@g maggots (aka corporate white pagan dick worshippers and their uncle tom underlings), if hip hop go this route, we know who to blame…

  • Dynamite

    This is some ghost of mars shit

  • CandyDropper

    The point is not the “outrageous” spots. The thing is thaat All this stuff smells like the PAST and quality seems lacking. Sure you can get a 3 Letters print in a T for 100$ but you’re supposed to buy it because of the impact of them. HBA was nice last year. A very usable street-goth-boy-london-ish like almost all the expensive hypey pop brands (from givenchy these days to KTZ) BUT the HUGE fact that I watched SM entertainment Staff producing jackets WAY MUCH better than all of these for EXO (a kpop male group) as their outfits two years ago… is just a huge mind rape. Is dope to be a hood dude wearing stuff like this but Koreans are making this shit way much better than this years ago for kpop and been bashed as fags or worse. Get the source. Not the hype. Collection sucked and I say this with all the respect go HBA. People need to open up the market. Is starting to feel annoying this stuff of everyone doing the same and copying from the same source.

  • Ella

    I can’t even lie. The peach blouse is too much for a dude I was dating lmao. But besides the clothes where the dudes legs are showing….the line is boss and I wouldnt be mad if my dude wore it. Long as he’s spiritual, mature, and financially independent.

  • sid

    that shit is gay

  • Zenny Incipience

    emperors robes. congratulations guy. its brilliant and retarded at the same time, but deff take and make as much as you can from all the tards.