You Just Might Have Some Romulus And Remus In You Yet

There's a lot of paint by numbers streetwear happening at the moment. It's all start faux leather and sublimated prints of the first thing that matches "classic painting" on Google image search then move into "inventive" printing on the sleeves of tees and sweatshirts. Most of it sucks.

But some of it hits the zeitgeist's nail on the head and presents strong ideas on good quality basics. Up in Montreal, the Raised By Wolves team has slowly developed over the past five years and is starting to hit stride. The Black Rose crew necks are their best effort yet. Heavyweight Canadian fleece adorned with black and grey tattoo-style flowers breeds confidence in design, not the herbery associated with stuff like Yeezus tour merchandise. Raised by Wolves is good because it doesn't stretch the imagination too far. Instead, the brand keeps consumers one step ahead of trend and two steps ahead in sourcing. Shout out to Macau made denim. If you know, you know. And if you know, you just might have some Romulus and Remus in you yet.

  • WAVY

    1: Jack the Supreme floral print (people won’t notice it’s the same exact image)
    2: Use Times New Roman to print your big ass logo
    3: Add another hideous huge label with your big ass Times New Roman logo in case people missed the other one
    4: Put a basic bitch in a 5 panel in your lookbook (mandatory)
    5: Use the term Heavyweight Canadian fleece and pretend such a thing exists. Don’t worry Four Pins will copy/paste it in their review without noting how ridiculous this sounds.

    Doing all of the above will earn you a lenghty, wordy as fuck review with smart words like zeitgeist even though its syntax is all messed up like ”The Black Rose crew necks are the best effort yet.”

    You’re usually on point but you guys are slipping like crazy for this one. SMDH

    • Lawrence

      So, I take it real actually wolves, like, ate your entire family?

      • Lawrence


        • WAVY

          Haha nope actually Mowgli fucked my bitch so now I’m slaying wolves like a young Liam Neeson. No expection for a Woolf in sheep’s clothing so y’all been warned.

    • Is this

      Talk less shit, do more shit…

  • theneedledrap

    light to decent 4