*Rap Battle Crowd Goes* OHHHHHHHHH!

I’ve never heard of Filling Pieces before. Shout out to their PR people who deserve to lose their jobs. J/K. Evidently, they’ve been making sneakers that have some interesting ass silhouettes since 2009. I like the slightly longer tongues on some of the models. DOUBLE ENTENDRE ALERT. Someone should buy a pair of these, do a really in-depth review of the sizing, materials and durability, and then email that shit to me. THAT’S THE COST OF BEING AN INFLUENCER. You have to take chances on shoes made from a company based in Amsterdam. Are you wondering why the company is called Filling Pieces? Because these sneakers are filling a gap in your wardrobe, son. *rap battle crowd goes* OHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • huiche7


    • Angelo


      • Angelo

        They fucked

        • huiche7


  • Class A Rando

    fuark. moment of silence for those black highs

  • Adam

    This company has been great in terms of integrating materials, i think they made some salmon skin shoes. the leather ones are tough to break in but the Kith collab was sick

  • Volt Beat Electron

    These sneakers are great quality and premium materials while still affordable.

  • Odinga Nimako

    These kicks run 1 size big, so if you’re a size 9 for example, go a size 8 with these. The quality of the sneakers is great. Btw, they’ve been flooding the streets of Amsterdam for a minute now.

  • Stephan Koleff

    Filling Pieces recently did a collab with Kith…


  • rillza

    copped em last week, cocaine white ostrich!

  • youssef

    this are of one off the better sneakers now a day. this kicks run 1 size bigger than normal

  • BlackMinimalist

    Some look like the Balenciaga’s and others like the LV Dons