Rappers And The Brand Killing Conspiracy

There is a silent phenomena going on that the Fashion Illuminati doesn't want the public to know about: the systematic use of rap music and rappers to completely drive up the sales of a brand to the point of over saturation, ultimately leading them to the graveyard AKA the shelves at Ross. Behind closed doors the powers that be single out brands and trends to eliminate. Whether the artists themselves are aware of this fact is unknown, but once they vouch their undying love for a particular brand on wax they have signed that brand's death certificate. If you own a brand, whether it is terrible or not, you may want to read up because you might be the next victim, bruh.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Luchini

    You forget Diamond Supply Co and every single rapper on the planet.

  • http://nihil-ist.tumblr.com/ Taj

    soooo…. no mention of kanye/givenchy? oh ok seems legit….

  • Untitled

    Ed Hardy isn’t cool anymore? SHIT!!!!!! NOBODY TOLD ME!!!!!


    Totally forgot about Givenchy their gear looks like Ed Hardy designing with dark undertones in mind and GOOD rides them like a pony

  • Tjay

    Those extraordinarily sagging pants in slide 3 are almost more of a joke than the brand. Almost. Really can’t believe you didn’t include Givenchy and GOOD music though, bruh-bruh. That’s pretty much all they wear.

  • Travaun

    Gucci shoulda died with Eric B and Rakim…but double G still survives…!

  • Jack

    seems like chief keef is more about fendi belts and moncler vests. maybe people should return to being lo-heads? RL only came out stronger from that

  • Andrew So

    Tomorrow, I will be rocking an Ed Hardy T with a Bulls jersey over that, True Religion jeans, and LV sunglasses. It’s going to be magnificent.

  • http://hotwhiskey.tumblr.com Bob

    Shit, Chris Brown wears Haversack? I’m just going to pretend he never found out about unionmade.

  • Andrew

    Kanye now shops at Brooklyn Circus. Retweet.

  • trees

    wow good post. way to cite even one example. good stuff.

  • fuck4pins

    stupidest fuckin article i ever read. were you born a hater or did you pick that up somewhere

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    Im going to fucking stab Chris Brown for wearing that jacket.


    Awesome article, very amusing and thoughtful.

  • nawkdivad

    maison Goyard, watch out.