Rare Books, Elk Legs, Subtle Watercolors, Expensive Bongs Or This Month’s Free & Easy

Yuketen makes these sick herringbone and jacquard wool packs. Please buy the jacquard one so if we run into one another I can hear you try and pronounce "jacquard" in person. Honestly, I'm not sure you're ready for that. I like Yuketen bags because you can never tell if their owners are carrying rare first edition books, the leg of a trophy elk they hunted with a recurve bow, subtle watercolors of Maine landscapes, really expensive bongs or this month’s copy of Free & Easy.

  • http://jerusalemsunflowers.tumblr.com/ Elvisio

    yo, they nice and all but four hundos so you can have the pleasure of hearing me try to pronounce jack-hard just doesn’t compute