Rascals Spring/Summer 2015 Collects Debts

Rascals just rocketed over their S/S 15 lookbook and the Copenhagen-based brand's new shit is vibing very tough guy that eats full English breakfasts, smokes a ton of off-brand cigarettes and collects money for the local mob lieutenant. At least, this is how I'd dress if I was the debt collector for a small to moderately-sized criminal conglomerate in Europe or Southeast Asia. I'd work out at the local Muay Thai club and ride a really dope small displacement motorcycle. I'd be highly desirable to damaged prostitutes, but too damaged myself to ever actually commit emotionally to anyone. At the end of this movie, I'd be shot at my favorite late night noodle stall. There would be no music over the closing credits.

  • Austin

    I’d watch the fuck out of the movie if it was set in Bangkok and directed by Tarantino

  • Kawaii hedgehog

    Is this movie worth watching? I know it bombed critically but It looks beautiful

    • Howle

      It is visually beautiful and has a vibe of its own. Very quiet movie though so you may get bored or lose interest. Worth a watch IMO bruh.