You Really Can Learn A Lot From Rock Stars

Alright Fear of God, I see you with the side zips on this flannel, which are gonna come in handy considering it was, like, 75 degrees outside yesterday. But I learned from Nirvana that you can wear a flannel pretty much anytime you need to as long as you are a really successful recording artist. Kanye taught me you could just tie it around your waist if it gets too hot. DAMN, YOU REALLY CAN LEARN A LOT FROM ROCK STARS. I also learned to romanticize drugs use and to try and live a generally bacchanalian lifestyle. But now I also know about Hepatitis C and declaring bankruptcy too. Really, if you think about it, rock stars are just, like, metaphors for all of us, ya know?


4 Responses to “You Really Can Learn A Lot From Rock Stars”

  1. Dillon

    whats up with the transgender adrienne ho modeling this tho

  2. queb

    In LA (where this shit exists primarily) it is currently 99 degrees and you would be clinically insane to wear this, especially with thermals under your shorts. I can barely step outside let alone drive to Union.

  3. moeskibum23

    Just wear another flannel under that one, then you’re good to go


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