Are You Really Into Streetwear Or Just Whatever Kanye Wears?

This jacket from Neighborhood's SVG Archives is pretty intense. Vultures perched on skulls? On some nihilistic Eli Cash shit? I have no idea what you'd wear with this jacket, but if you're really part of the Illuminati it doesn't matter because you're guaranteed to land a perfect 900 in front of all your Instagram followers regardless. Remember, if you're not into shit like this then you're not really into Japanese streetwear. You're just into whatever Kanye West wears.

  • danielheard

    Black western shirt, black denim, black boots. String Tie?

    • connor

      cop in largest size so its still only slightly large and wear with nothing but a dope bucket hat and either white mountaineering socks or some cashmere gloves which can also work as socks

  • chingy

    so good.