Refusing To Accept Perfection

I haven't met a single person that doesn't like the Air Max 1. It might just be perfect. Even my dream woman can't really compare. That's just something she's going to have to accept if we're going to be together. Sorry, Emmy (Rossum for those unaware of my queen). For all the great colorways Nike has recently dropped on the AM1—the APC collab, the navy, gray and red Essentials, amongst others—this perfectly proportioned white and red pair might be the cleanest yet. Swapping out Nike's typically trash suede for an all leather look and a stone gray mudguard, these may force you to reconsider you hatred toward your dad who said he was, "Just going out to buy some cigarettes." Still, Nike made one egregious error and refused to add a gum sole. You just couldn't accept perfection could you, Nike, could you?!

  • Carver Low

    Jon Moy has become a template

  • Big Ticket

    They ARE perfect. Unless you’re a size 14 like my good self. Then the proportions get all goofy.

    Damn my enormous feet. Let me live FFS.

  • Jordan Baird

    It is interesting that Nike and other shoe manufacturers are trying to capture a high-end look with new designs when older, simple but groundbreaking designs like the AM1 and the Air Force 1 have timeless aesthetic appeal.