The “Regular Guy” Rules Of Fashion

As you've probably realized by now, Four Pins is a menswear blog. I write for this blog, despite the undeniable fact that I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Let this be a lesson for you youngins out there: Bullshitting is the key to success. But the truth is, I'm sick and tired of always being told how to dress by you #menswear assoles. I figured it's about time that I write my own rules to the game. So, prepare yourself, because these are my "regular guy" rules of fashion. Follow me to freedom.

Matt Rimer is a writer living in Boston. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • tonhash

    So I can’t wear my black royals anymore now? Fuck you fourpins

    • Hott Nikkelz

      He said you can you douche….learn how to read.

  • connor

    “Bill Belichick is the opposite of my ex-girlfriend, bringing life into to whatever he encounters’-classic line

  • No

    That coat hanger abortion comment was unneeded. So disgusting.

    • NUH

      bitch nigga fuck your feelings

  • #bannmattrimerthisduddesucks

    damn this matt rimer really thinks he’s funny or knows something about clothes and gets to write about like he’s funny or knows something about clothes but damn matt rimer you aren’t funny and you don’t know anything about clothes

    • #banmattrimerforrealnotfunny

      matt “regular guy no style here” rimer
      matt “i’m the funny one even tho i don’t get your fashion jokes” rimer
      matt “can’t make fashion jokes” rimer
      matt “wtf is a visvim rimer” rimer

  • Hott Nikkelz

    This was hilarious!!!!!