Remember When Everything Was XTREME?

This is Porter’s “Extreme” Backpack. Those are their words, I swear. I still think that they should have spelled it XTREME like it was a backpack you could win in a Mountain Dew Code Red contest or some shit. They could have Tony Hawk do a bunch of 900's or whatever while wearing the backpack for the commercial. Remember when even, like, bagel bites were advertised as "extreme"? I miss the good old days where everything was super gnar and rad. Oh yeah, this backpack also costs $900 fucking dollars, which is why in the commercial Tony Hawk would be doing 900's in it. I’M A MARKETING GENIUS. DON DRAPER AIN’T GOT SHIT ON ME.

  • nihilisticterrorist

    nice! and we still have the X-games to remind generation X. I’m fucking tired of the XTREME religious views, but first i’d like to thank god (rolling eyes). heard tebow say this as his ass walked off the field for good. thank god.