Remembering What Nature Really Is

Gentry just posted this new quick little editorial featuring Briefing bags and Central Park. Guys, I'm not gonna lie to you, I've been to Central Park a bunch of times, but I'm definitely not as into it as some of my New York friends. Sometimes they'll be like, "Let's cut through the park," and I assume it's because that's a faster route or whatever, but sometimes I think it's because they don’t really remember what nature really is. I watched a documentary on the birders of Central Park once though and it was pretty cute. If I was a birder, I'd rock the fuck out of a Briefing tote and that ts(s) vest. All the other birders would be annoyed because every time I saw a bird I'd be like, "YO, THAT BIG ASS ROCK IS ON AND POPPINGTON FOR SPARROWS TODAY."

  • Kevin

    It’s funny to me when slang that my boys and I have been using since high school (i.e. Poppington) is all of a sudden being used on menswear blogs.

    • Basshead

      It’s funny to me when pompous pricks talk shit on the internet because they’ve got no friends.

      • Kevin

        I’m not talking shit you fucking tool. I actually think it’s funny.

        • Holiday Kirk

          Yeah but it’s just text. Without tone it really does look like you’re finishing that sentence with a smirk and a sip of wine.