Resembling Dipset Merchandise Will Get You On Four Pins

REAL TALK I THOUGHT THESE NEIGHBORHOOD TEES WERE DIPSET MERCH WITH THAT EAGLE ON THE CHEST. I don’t really know about these shirts to be honest. The beading and embroidery gives the design a three dimensional look, which is kinda weird. But, then again, so are those big De La Soul style necklaces #menswear dudes have been rocking for the past 6-8 months or so. But really, we're only promoting these on the strength of their resemblance to official Dipset merchandise.

  • pipokun

    Jon Moy, how new are you to “streetwear”? Neighborhood has been doing these for over 10years

  • So It Begins

    Glad u reppin it straight off the strength it resembles dipset. Cause for 155 shiiiittttt