Reviewing Tumblr’s Horrendous 2013 Menswear Year In Review

Shoutout to year end lists. Compiling the best of anything over the course of 365 days is super fucking tedious, obvious and completely subjective. Salute to any of my fellow stugglelancers out there compiling shit like Tumblr's 2013 Menswear Year in Review aka this year's top #menswear posts on Tumblr. I don’t know who edited this list or what, but it is downright laughable. THESE ARE THE BEST POSTS YOU COULD FIND TANGENTIALLY RELATED TO A TOPIC AS BROAD AS MENSWEAR? ON TUMBLR? IF THIS IS TRUE I QUIT THE INTERNET. Seriously, who are the people who get to tag something with that blue #menswear tag? They’re like the gatekeepers for this shit right? WELL, WHOEVER YOU PEOPLE ARE, YOU HAVE TERRIBLE TASTE. And, the saddest thing is, the rest of Tumblr does too because these pics have unfathomable amounts of notes. Okay, let’s just pretend we’re all on Tumblr right now and leave condescending notes on, allegedly, the top #menswear posts of 2013.

  • Marc

    In my defense (as someone who gets to add the little blue rectangles), we can feature cool stuff all we want, but if people don’t reblog it, it doesn’t make the year-end list. I think this just goes to show that, as much as WSJ writes about how men being fashionable is fashionable, there’s still a shitload of work to be done. That’s just my two cents though.

  • bryan

    Please dedicate an entire post to the shitty dresser that is Bobby Hicks, #17.

    • model citizen

      Hahaha! Dude is ridiculous. So confident in his terrible taste though.

    • Sebastian Szczachor

      Good lord, that’s revolting.

  • Dr. Steve

    Shit sus

  • exo

    this is so salty. contribute your own list instead of shitting on someone else’s.

    • Nic

      it’s fucking tumblr

  • WTF Eldredge

    This thing made me want to cry a thousand tears, and their ridiculous tie chart wasn’t even correct.. Now not only is it shitty but it’s wrong too. Figures.

  • Matt

    You guys realize that the tumblr community is 99.999% 14-15 year old girls right? Even if everyone who reads four pins re-blogs one of Nico’s anime selfies that’s like 47 notes…

  • nick

    double vest!?!? its so vivid!

  • Is this

    Tumblr’s broken

  • Nerd

    Nobody uses that stupid fucking #menswear tag. Fuck you Tumblr. And fuck you Jon Moy.

    Also, fuck you Randy Lai. You’re like if Jake Woolf was divided by Jon Moy. Bitch.

    • Randy Lai

      I’m more recognisably ethnic than Moy if that’s what you mean…thanks for playing

      • Nerd

        what is my prize

  • connor

    sure these were bad posts, but you can’t expect to find the real cool stuff under #menswear thats like going to old navy for some selvedge.

  • stfumikep

    Moy, stop yelling.

  • Anonymous

    Hold up… is 24 attempting a button-down with black tie? And people cosigned that?

    That’s it. I quit the internet.

  • Jose

    The chick in the DKNY ad on slide 22 is Cara Delevingne who actually is a millionaire Brit and all over Tumblr. How you not recognizing that bad bitch, Four Pins?

    • Brian

      View her without make up then see if you can repeat the last sentence.

      • Marc

        no Cara slander pls

  • Anon

    i like to think these only had so many notes cuz everyone was shittin on em for being so gross

  • Class A Rando

    Why does anyone do anything

  • Class A Rando

    Caption 19 is some real shit btw

  • Evil Merino

    Alright if anyone is actually defending these posts you genuinely bum me out. This is like the anti-thesis of sprezzatura. The flairs in slide 19 pushed it over the edge. Fuckin’ waist coats, get me out of here.

  • bleh

    #14 is horrid.