Rich Bloggers Bitch About Maybe Not Being As Rich As You Thought They Were

Oh for the love of fuck. This morning, Fashionista published an article entitled "The Unexpected Costs Of Being A Fashion Blogger" in which they investigated the business side of being one of the world's most popular fashion bloggers. See, while we typically think of these high profile bloggers as people who live glamorous all expenses paid lives, it's actually only, well, kinda like that.

Speaking to Bryan Boy, Phil Oh of Street Peeper and Nicolette Mason, Fashionista was able to uncover that a lot of the money that comes into these start up personal brand businesses is put back into these same start up personal brand business via travel expenses and employees and website upkeep and, not to mention, TAXES. Wait a second, how the fuck is this any different than any other start up?

In fact, it seems to me like these bloggers actually have it a lot easier than someone who, say, starts a clothing company and actually has to pay to make a physical product. Even though Bryan Boy only takes home 24% of his $10,000 paychecks, that's still $2400 for 3 DAYS WORK. While we're on the topic, what exactly is your "work" again, Bryan? Oh, right, posting photos of your shitty outfits and appearing on shitty television shows. Got it.

Okay, maybe we shouldn't be the ones to call bloggers out for bitching, but this is kind of a non-story. It's just that, objectively, these bloggers seem to have it incredibly easy and are immensely successful people as far as people who don't really do any work are concerned.

  • Nah Son

    Also, being born rich helps too. I hear…

  • martytomas

    I fux not, with bryan boy.

  • queb

    Oh wow, taxes take their money? Good thing that I, someone with a real job, don’t have to pay those!

  • Dr. Steve


  • Blinkable

    Agent? Manager? Bill Murray has neither, and until you are as busy as BILL FUCKING MURRAY (or could be) save your pesos.

  • anti bryan boy

    can’t stand bryan boy or we should call him bryan girl cos he only wears women’s clothes.

    • Jason Reeve

      Totally agree! I don’t know why he can be a fashion blogger! All he does is to wear woman’s clothes to be photoed.

  • OK_ok

    This blogger has to have THE most shitty accountant.

    Most of these spendings can be written off way before both state and federal tax.