Rich People, You Can’t Ever Beat Them

These Marwood mohair socks are nice, my dudes, very nice. Did you know mohair is the wool of goats? Do you care where mohair comes from? ME NEITHER. But we have to know these things to help justify spending $52 on one pair of socks. When your friends tell you that they’d be better if they were ca$hmere, you should say, "FUCK YOU, SON. MOHAIR IS MORE DURABLE THAN SOME PUSSY ASS CASHMERE." But be prepared for the ultimate luxe retort: “I don’t buy cashmere because it lasts a long time. I buy cashmere because it’s expensive and feels soft on my feet.” RICH PEOPLE, BRO. YOU CAN’T EVER BEAT THEM.

  • dawid

    dude, do you have twitter, tumblr or whatever? been reading your posts since some time and i dig it a lot

  • Sjoerd Krijnen

    Dude! You should make an article about Moxon Huddersfield. Now that’s sockmaking! They are so fucking exclusive you cannot even enter their website without being a ‘member’. It’s one of the oldest clothing companies in the game. Google that shit!