Rick Owens And Adidas Admit Their Sneakers Might Be Trash

A new, somewhat interesting wrinkle has been added to the hype and controversy-filled saga that is the collaboration between Rick Owens and Adidas. It's reasonable to expect that paying $800 for sneakers would mean that these are amongst the best made and highest quality footwear options in the marketplace, but thanks to the people over at Sole Collector, we now know that a note located in the box seems to imply that it might not be smart to treat these sneakers like your every day beaters (do readers of Four Pins even have those?). It reads:

"Due to the exclusive design and materials, these shoes are not guaranteed to perform like adidas athletic shoes. Unique materials are at times used on our products to create distinctive looks. These materials may require special care. Special recommendations include avoiding damp environments, prolonged exposure to sunlight and other conditions that may stress the materials.

The leather on our products is finely crafted using a unique tanning processes. Please understand that irregularities in the color and grain are usual characteristics of natural skin. Color migration may occur."

The real question is, what kind of idiot is opening his Rick Owens x Adidas sneakers and lacing them up to hit the gym? Dudes, this should go without saying, but if you're buying fashion sneakers, understand that expensive ass leathers are a lot more delicate than their low quality plastic-y trash counterparts. Then again, if your new Rickery falls apart on the first day you wear them, don't let Adidas off the hook this easy.

  • Nerd

    Avoid damp and sunlight?

    What kind of stupid motherfucker leaves their damp Dick Oven Hoof Simulator 2014’s in the sunlight?

  • michael jordan

    i bought some drkshdw jean things once
    they buttoned on the inside and within 30 minutes the button broke, had to bust out the needle and thread on day 1
    it did give me a sense of accomplishment though to know that my craftsmanship exceeded rick’s and so i’d say it was all worth it

    • Michel Jordan’s Ex Wife

      The button broke because youre 2 big nigga
      scapegoatin ass fuccboi.

    • BeyondthePale

      Lose weight or buy bigger jeans. That should not happen unless you are overflowing in your jeans, in which case you shouldn’t be wearing them anyways. I’ve got DRKSHDW Detroits on me right now and I have no fear of this happening. Also suuuuure, your ability to sew a button exceeds the ability to design and produce clothing by hand, after years of education, experience and practice he got from making identical fakes of other designer pieces. SMH

  • rocky

    raf simons x adidas has a somewhat similar disclaimer in the box bruh bruh

    • Shelly, Faery Queen

      are they 800 dollas tho? nahhhhhh

      • BeyondthePale

        yeah but they are just Stan Smiths with an R on the side, why would they be 800$ anyways.

  • Magnus

    Y-3 sneakers, or at least the qasa, have the same disclaimer on the box.

  • Nelly’s Bandaid

    My Givenchys came with the practically same tag….

    I just feel like niggas are trying to find any reason to come at these shoes

    That nigga Rick doesn’t care though…at all.

    • Angelo

      fucks with you little bitches and your faggot ass names tho haa? you bout as og as these dips you bitching about ! but yeah fuck these shoes n james cameron.

  • Swish

    everything revolving around this release is stupid, including this article. why the fuck would a high fashion designer collaborate with a functional, practical sports brand and then go ahead and release some shit like this with their box…

    obviously these shoes weren’t meant to be worn to the gym or while climbing the rocky mountains but seriously…

    • Angelo

      why? cuz this is hype NIG. i bought a drink today that had shaqs face on it, i bought it cuz it was a drink WITH SHAQS FUCKIN FACE ON IT. seriously tho that shit was all natural

  • Booger Snitzle

    The shoes suck. Damp corners and sunlight doesn’t change that fact.

  • Diabolus ex Machina

    No matter how you cut it, these shoes are not attractive to most people. “Fashion sneakers” or not, you can’t justify these unless you’re a person that just has to spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes or sneakers to feel good about yourself.

  • http://Aurmont.com/ Alan Aurmont

    “You’re new Rickery…”?? Dude, you can’t expect the readers to take your article seriously. LOL

  • Liam Wentzell

    I’ve got beaters, they’re called common projects