Rick Owens Just Trolled Paris Fashion Week

We know Rick Owens is a fucking weirdo, but his Spring/Summer 2014 womenswear show that just concluded in Paris is on another level of bizarre. As you can see, the models he used do not look like "models" in the traditional sense. They were, in short, short, more like real women and less like NBA-sized stick figures living off of the 3 C's: cocaine, coffee and cigarettes. They were also angry, which I'm sure serves as some sort of commentary that the majority of women are hella mad that they can't fit into Rick Owens' slim and elongated garments. Well, that or society's pressures to live up to unnaturally high standards in terms of physique and beauty. Or maybe, just maybe, Rick Owens really liked Orange Is The New Black and decided to cast women who look like the cast of his favorite new show. You can't tell me the girl in slide nine doesn't look like Crazy Eyes if she let her hair down. Whatever the motivation, our hats are off to Dicky O, for once again upping the ante for fashion shows as legitimate performance art.



  • thetrilltroll

    shawtayees got them thick thighs got fuckin dayum!

  • stevenb12

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    • Heisenberg

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  • dm

    Yeh Jake I’d be really careful with your commentaries in the future cus I don’t get what the hell you’re trying to imply with some of this shit.

    • Lawrence

      You’re on comment probation thanks to yesterday’s “right” vs. “write” slip up, homie.

      • Mike

        For real though, this stepped over way too many boundaries. The Orange Is The New Black Reference plus the Beyonce thing you posted LAS was so borderline racist. You don’t get a pass just because you like Kanye. Y’all should know better, dawg. Especially considering both of you look like an extra in the 23 video most of the time. Appropriation worse than Miley’s doe.

        • Lawrence

          Making a connection between facial expressions and black leather clothing is not racist. If it was Madonna I would have done the same thing. You’re free to project all you want, but just know you’re still projecting.

        • Jake Woolf

          I said the models look like the cast of OITNB because they look like the cast of OITNB, not because they look like they should be or are in jail. I think that’s you connecting those dots on your own. Are you forgetting there are white characters on that show too (the main character, in fact), and there are white people in Rick’s runway show? I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone, but I really don’t think what I said was racist and if you interpret it that way then you are certainly free to do so. But just know that if the models had walked down the runway in Clark’s Wallabees and goatees and shaved heads, I would have said they looked like Walter White.

          • dm

            Dude, there are black women acting in all MANNER of programmes on TV nowadays, but YOU went for the OITNB reference and backed yourself up on the grounds that ONE of the women looks like ‘Crazy Eyes’. One is good enough to mark them all? Sounds pretty sketchy to me buddy.

        • fupas

          dm and mike, stfu that was so far from racist. If he had just said they looked, dirty, unshowered, crazy and like they should have been inmates, then yes you would be correct in calling his review racist. Instead he said they look like actresses in a popular show, sorry he’s not sorry.

  • Dan

    It looks like the yard of an HBCU with mad black sororities with token white chicks who love Popeyes and twerk on vine. S/o to Paris Fashion Week for giving the fashionistas/stylists/babysitters/hair-braiders hope.

    • Anthony Sykes II

      Yah to those babysitters/hair-braiders! They need the support.

  • huiche7


  • Action Bronson

    Girl in slide 21 can sit on my face.

  • campbelloc

    This review was racist for so many reasons…

  • TH1ST.™

    Okay now I have much better understanding of Mr. Owens motives.. . Art imitates real life scenarios. I’m big fan of the show “Orange Is The New Black ” as well .Hopefully those round the way model chicks will get some more runway time.

  • Pv

    If you think this review is racist, you are trying too hard.

    • http://www.gksnyc.com/ GKS (Gentlemen Know Style)

      I dnt think the review in particular was racist….. I Think the freaking show was haha

  • Daniel Strange III

    http://models.com/mdx/bethann-hardison-on-diversity-in-fashion/ Ties in perfectly with this article on diversity or rather lack of I just read. I still haven’t actually decided on the show itself, watching clips on instagram isn’t cutting it. And for someone to suggest that the write up is racist, is about as ludicrous as Tony Blair being ‘Peace Ambassador’ for the Middle East!

  • trend forecaster in los angele

    Come on, seriously? Did any of you (commenters and jake alike) even bother to do a little legwork and research the who these women are? Or even watch any of the dozens and dozens Instagram videos of the show?

    They are part of a step dance troupe and the dancing that they do is beyond fierce…warrior-esque. Its amazing and perfectly suits Rick Owen’s post apocalyptic aesthetic.

    • just another commenter

      it’s like people suddenly dont know how to google or use social media..smfh..

  • research before posting

    from RackedLA
    ~As style.com reports, the women were steppers that Owens had cast from four US sororities: the Washington Divas, the Soul Steppers, Momentum and the Zetas. The scowls were “grit face,” an expression “intended to intimidate the competition.” Of the performance, Owens told press, “We’re rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty.” And it was beautiful, as well as formidable and quite intense. Blogger Susie Bubble described the show as, “one of the most provocative and pertinent statements I’ve seen” while fashion critic Robin Givhan seemed suitably impressed, writing, “It was impressive to see a sea of mostly African-American women at a time when the lack of diversity in fashion is in the news. But more important than the color of their skin, the women stood out for their individuality.” ~

  • Keilo Starr

    These clothes look a mess to me they just look like a solid colored dinner table cloth wrapped around their

  • Dick Rooster

    Can we just put aside the ooh’s and ahh’s circling around Dick Ovens for his “revolutionary show” and just look at it objectively? The women are in disgusting shape and the fits are horrible. This collection itself doesn’t stand out among his others, and a ridiculous show can only mask that so much. #breakingboundaries by using #diversity and unconventional models certainly won’t change anything, not for Dick Ovens, not for the rest of the fashion business.

  • Andre

    This looks like a women’s prison fasionshow

  • fuckyocouch

    this article is just straight up racist, not borderline racist, but racist racist.

  • Tamia

    Rick got what he wanted, and that was a show where he portrayed beauty in a way that shows it doesn’t have to be stick thin white girls with no expression. The clothes were kind of ehh but, the way they were presented was fucking ace. Regardless of the annoyance people have with it, it was an interesting show and FP agreed in this article. Although I agree, some of the commentary here does breach racism (if you aren’t subject to the kind of racism *ahem*, you don’t get to decide if it is/isn’t) but, the point is Dick Ovens got hella attention for pulling a cool ass stunt and people got mad when they shouldn’t be.

    • Nick Grant

      -1 for thinking this is borderline racist
      +4 for Dick Ovens

  • Rod

    S.O to my friend Who’s in pic 8