Rick Owens x Adidas Spring/Summer 2015 Can’t Be Recommended In Good Conscience

Wow, Rick Owens x Adidas continues to amaze with the sheer turboness of it all for S/S 15. I mean, what the fuck even are those blades? That shit will make your feet look like they're fucking anemones. (FYI I spelled "anemone" first try, motherfuckers #nospellcheck.) I can't in good conscience recommend these batshit sneakers to you guys. The only design I could even remotely fuck with are the crazy Shell Toe stormtrooper boots. But only barely though. Like, if I was over Rick's house again and he showed me this new collabo, I'd be like, "Oh man, the boots are dope," and try to completely avoid the subject of these make-you-jump-higher-sneakers-you-see-advertised-in-the-back-of-Eastbay Springblade joints. I dare some of you goth ninjas to get that cocaine colorway boot. Everybody's gonna think you're J.Lo's stunt double for her next video.

  • mordeaux

    ayo, you misspelled “aenonomes” first try, motherfucker. Maybe meant, “anemone,” but that is wildly irrelevant to those shoes.

    • scot sims

      Did he edit his post after your comment? It’s spelled correctly now.

      • mordeaux

        Yea he did, wtf moy. Lies and plagiarism. You could have at least shouted out the comments section. Cold shoulder bruh

  • Dinis

    Rick Owens aka wardrobe designer for 2016 Star Wars reboot