RoboCop Feet

Damn, these new Nike’s look like RoboCop’s feet. When I was little we used to rock ski boots when we pretended to be RoboCop, but these joints are probably way easier to walk around in. For real, I’m so mad at Nike for not having a v robust Nike ID program. WE ALL COULD HAVE MONOTONE VERSIONS OF OUR FAVORITE SNEAKERS. I mean, maybe we can now. I haven’t checked in a while because I obviously take my job super seriously. The key to this pack is strategic texture placement. Is that your patented Four Pins wildly overthinking sneakers moment of the day? You fucking betcha.

  • theneedledrap

    Light to decent 4

  • Watt Par

    Straight up looks like some shit my fat ex-coal miner great uncle would wear while he’s riding his golf cart around the camp ground with his tiny dog looking for a place where he can eat someone’s chips and then pee in public without washing his hands