In Russia, Supreme Is Almost As Influential As Ace Ventura

Artist/Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy just directed this new Supreme editorial for Dazed Digital. It was shot in Russia, where it should be obvious as fuck a guy named "Gosha Rubchinskiy" is from and where apparently NYC skate culture has been hella influential on youth culture following the downfall of the USSR. As you can see, he opted for the VHS effect, which is kind of disappointing considering that is the single most hackneyed effect for lookbook videos at this points except for, you know, girls with huge butts. But, like I said, homie is from Russia, so maybe we should cut him some slack? For all we know, VHS is the most up-to-date form of videography they have over there. Blockbuster is fucking crushing it for all I know. Maybe they can't keep Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on the shelves.




  • Supreme Being

    Good job, Jake Woolf. This approaches Jon Moy levels of funny.

    • WAVY

      Cut him some slack please you bully! He taught us who Tom Ford was this morning for christ’s sake!

  • Supreme Being

    Oh, and also, F Supreme…

  • Russel

    You should cut him some slack because he lives in Russia and VHS might be the most up-to-date form of videography? Do you realize how fucking ignorant you sound?

    • KCKing

      Calm the fuck down Russel. This is a parody website, number one. And number two, VHS IS the most up-to-date form of videography in Russia. That’s why their porn vids are so grainy.

  • platinumtoothbrush

    Also, you do realize that since Palace made VHS/crappy vids “cool” (WHICH YOU SHOULD KNOW), that all of skate culture is dick-riding that, right? Don’t hate the format, hate the content. (For instance, most of this season’s Supreme stuff)

    • queb

      It’s all just old skate vid worship (Bones Brigade etc.), I wouldn’t credit Palace. I kinda like this lookbook, though all the pixelation stuff is contrived.


    After the video shoot, they all went to the skatepark and shot up Krokodil! and lost their skin and tissue!!! RUSSIA!

  • Vladimir Putin

    Woah that writer sounds so fucking ignorant. Im gonna send somegoons to smash a blueray player over his head from Moscow

  • jake sucks

    i dont know what to cringe at more jake….how terrible your jokes are or how you dont when to use a fucking comma (or when not to)