Sag Some Type Of Way

Maharishi not only has a cool name, but also makes some pretty branging sweatpants. I like these because they have a bunch of small details, like little drawstrings and zipper pulls. I remember I had a pair of cargo sweatpants that I thought were so cool. They were insano baggy and I sagged them some type of way. In my mind’s eye I looked fucking amazing, but I recently saw a bunch of photos from college and I looked decidedly unfucking amazing. I realize now that I just needed a cooler pair of sweatpants to look like a relevant rapper circa 2004. And since these days rappers don’t wear real sweatpants that aren't made out of  leather, I guess some nice sweats also make you look like a relevant menswear blogger circa 2012.

  • prickasso

    four pins:
    50% expensive sweatpants
    30% Kanye
    20% Jake Woolf trying to subtly assert that he is cooler than you are