Salvy Spring/Summer 2014 Is Hard To Explain

Have you guys ever heard of Salvy? Maybe you have because we've written about them before, but probably not because any brand that has a fucking semicolon in their name is sure as shit never going to blow up. Yeah, that's right, Salvy are actually "Salvy;". You're high as hell if you think we're actually going to write it that way though. The clothes themselves are pretty awesome, displaying a nice balance of workwear, experimental silhouettes and classic tailoring. Good luck explaining to anyone how next level your baggy blazer is. That's about as easy as explaining why you chose pretentious punctuation for your brand's name.

  • Marc

    Where 2 cop?

  • John Scott

    lookin like Christophe Lemaire. Hardest thing to explain are the pants in the last pic.

  • GEB

    Are Steve Harvey suits back in style?

  • Bowser

    uh, dude bros I think you might be having trouble with the site. It works…sorta. And don’t be all like it’s your browser cause it’s not I tried 3 of them yo. Basic bitch browsers.