Say Goodbye To Back Sweat

I really want to go to Bodega because I’ve never been to Boston and because I kind of really want to buy this anorak. First of all, it has ventilation holes and a ventilation zipper at the back. You know what that means? SAY GOODBYE TO BACK SWEAT, G. Plus, it has a map and chest pocket. The chest pocket's for your weed. No one will look for it there and it'll stay dank. Oh yeah, this anorak has a rubberized cotton shell. Here's some science for you fucking nerds: Rubber is crazy waterproof. All your friends will say some corny ass giggle shit like, “Always wear your rubbers and practice safe sex!” You needed new friends anyways.

  • Deaunte Shugart

    I HATE when my back sweats


    • MaG™

      *raises hand* i get crazy aggravated. like, Hulk aggravated. and black Hulk is the worst Hulk there is.

  • Michael

    goodbye back sweat