Seinfeld’s Greatest Fashion Moments

It’s rare that a sitcom resonates in the popular culture 15 years after its final episode—yeah, kids born after the show ended are now 15 and way cooler than you—but with '90s trends ebbing in and out of fashion over the past few years, Seinfeldian style is more relevant than your favorite celebrity stylist. Others have written about Jerry’s sneaker game and even George’s steady prep conventions, but Elaine’s gear could be straight out of a Vice editorial and your favorite Japanese designer is already crafting his Spring/Summer 2015 collection around Kramer’s funemployed lifestyle.

I’d tell all the kids reading to watch the series from start to finish and take notes, but they’d get caught up on how cell phones and the Internet would solve literally every single plotline. But before all sitcoms devolve into four people sitting on a couch texting, interwebbing and trying to figure out what food to order from Seamless, won't join us on a quick trip down the memory lane of Seinfeld’s best clothing moments? It just so happens to look a lot like that recent trip you took to American Apparel.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Alex

    I stopped reading after you admitted to only seeing one season of The Wire. Nothing you say is relevant to anything ever, anywhere.
    Good day sir.

  • Soren K.

    Don’t forget Kramer’s backless tuxedo in “The Susie” (Season 8, Episode 15).

  • William C

    How could you leave out Puddy’s 8 Ball Jacket???

    • angelo spagnolo

      Truf truf, there’s a lot of episodes, man.

  • Ev Thomas

    How could you leave out Kramer’s mole hair sweater? Here’s to feeling good, all the time.

    • Agent M

      Mohair. But yes, definitely. “Here’s to feelin’ good allll the time!”

  • Luchini

    Awesome. But I have to be “that guy” for second.
    Slide 15 (Elaine’s “navajo” jacket) wasn’t in Reggies diner, it was at a random diner upstate on the way to the Bubble Boy’s jawn.

    • angelo spagnolo

      Fuck, it looks like the Reggie’s set piece though. Please know that I agonized over accuracy because I knew moerfuckers would be out here calling me on facts.

      • Luchini

        You’re right, it does. It actually probably is the same set. I just remember Elaine’s jacket (cos she’s still my TV crush) and this scene from that episode.

  • Emma

    I love these pics!! Totally make me want to dig out my Seinfeld boxsets. Love this show so much 😀 Thanks!

  • Cut Ties
  • Sharene Ashley

    I nostalgia’d

  • Kay

    …and Four Pins just gets greater. Points for “Morning Mist”, would have loved to have seen a Frank Costanza shout out somewhere in there though. Good job with coming up with unique content.

  • James Wilson

    The Postal Service reads Four-Pins and noted your request, Spagnolo.