Pairs Well With Your Collection Of Lithographs

It should be pretty obvious that I really like this Barena sweater. It’s got a split gusset and shawl collar and is in the perfect shade of grey. Sweaters like this are perfect if you want to channel a really luxurious lifestyle. Not a tacky or showy or gauche lifestyle, just a really classy lifestyle. Instead of a gaudy mansion, you live in a really sensible Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oak Park and you collect things like lithographs. You have a really sensible Volvo or Audi for your daily driver and a fucking sick navy blue Porsche that you restored yourself. You do all this cool, expensive, classy shit while wearing a sweater with a rope and toggle shawl collar made in Italy.

  • theneedledrap

    decent to strong 8

    • Sensible Everything

      No Dude. Just. No. This is getting to be re-god-damn-diculous.