Series Premiere: “Fashion Bros!”

Menswear afficianados and fuccbois, your prayers have been answered! Complex TV has just dropped the first ever episode of "Fashion Bros!" where Complex Style's James Harris and our very own 'preme overlord, Lawrence Schlossman, discuss fashionz, maleswears and each other's deep-seated insecurities.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "But Jake, you're so handsome and hilarious, why aren't YOU on the show?" Well, you know about as much as me about this egregious miscarriage of justice. Sure, Lawrence is technically my boss, but fuck it. I'm out here with collegiate productions of Rent and Sweeney Todd under my belt, fam. My stage and camera presence are, as one girl who, like, totally wanted it once proclaimed, "Gosling-esque." Regardless of the limited talent chosen for this production, the end result is actually pretty hilarious. Watch this shit religiously. But, off the record, maybe don't, so Lawrence will get fired and I become the new don dada of this half-baked operation.

  • WalĂ© not WaleMMG.

    Best parts were the spam comments and sad faces.

  • stfumikep

    I’ve never been this confused about whether or not I should like something or despise it. Nice work I guess.

  • Yes.

    10/10 would follow religiously

  • Pat

    niggas thirsty

  • huff huff

    would kop

  • sea_bass

    When does Moy get his own show?

    • Lawrence

      working on it

    • HL Merkin

      Would definitely tune in for the Jon Moy vehicle “Swimming In The Stream Of Consciousness”

  • yung oxford english dictionary

    strong pronunciation of ‘ethereal’ lawrence

  • fuck you

    this is literally the worst video i’ve ever watched

  • theaudioisleaningtotheleft

    the audio is leaning to the left.

  • oristhesoundleaningtotheright?

    or is the sound leaning to the right?

  • marv alberts

    they built a desk for u fucks.
    is it made from cedar ?

  • Matt

    Stop doing whatever other shit you’re wasting your time on, fire everyone but LAS and James and just make these videos. #HYPHY #TOPSZN #A$AP #4PINZ #GIRLCODE #QE4SG #DRKSHDW

  • White People

    White people ruin everything.


    #2 #REAL

  • Fashun

    why didn’t any of the #menswear bros get discussed, you know Hotchkiss, wooster, mort, plett, LAS, liam, etc? you could have a 24hour special with those douche bags.

    Oh I forgot the Fratshion bro’s wont spit out the load that feeds them from the cock they’re sucking.

    • Guest

      Because it was already gay enough as it was – no reason to make it gayer

  • Nick Grant

    how has no one brought up the fact that Woolf was bragging about being in college productions of fucking Rent and Sweeney Todd? God damn yall we need to be better as a comments section

  • Stjepan

    this should be more improvised

  • Schwartz

    Like slumming when you could have had the real thing. Rich n*ggas makin poor decisions.

  • JB

    This is a good idea but it does not seem natural. The jokes seem scripted and forced. Maybe they should give you a shot Jake.

  • chris

    This is the best thing in the universe. I just watched every damn one of them. Make more immediately.