Shawl Collars Are Like Seinfeld Reruns

Shawl collars are like Seinfeld reruns—they will never die and, at least when it comes to Seinfeld, you will always watch at least half of any episode you happen to channel surf onto. It’s just how the universe works. You see shawl collars all the time and when you do you’re like, “Hey nice shawl collar." Stop fighting the universe and buy one already. These cardigans from Archival Clothing are made of 4-ply worsted wool. I repeat, 4-PLY WORSTED WOOL. I don’t know what that means, but sometimes I like to yell to compensate for my lack of actual knowledge.

  • GEB

    I YELL to cover up insecurity, usually due to a lack of knowledge..must be an asian thing

  • Jon

    What the fuck kind of analogy is that?

  • GEB

    I’m not sure yet. I haven’t figured it out

  • Tjay

    Sucks how I spent all my money on a wool shawl cardie yesterday and then this 4-ply worsted wool one comes up. I don’t even know what the hell that means but it obviously must be better than a regular wool one.

  • Art

    These suck