Shield Yourself From Ja Rule

It’s just thoooooseee raiiiiny daaaaaaays. What a fucking banger that was. You won’t have to worry about any of that shit thanks to this trench from the bro gods over at Saturdays. No way. You and Mary ain’t fucking with no incarcerated Debbie Downers (read: Ja Rule) when you got this jacket on. The Maurice (LOL WUT?!) even comes in three different colors so you can coordinate a different look when it rains for weeks on end in April. And most of all, shield yourself from Ja Rule. He gets out next year.

One Response to “Shield Yourself From Ja Rule”

  1. MaG™

    we gon’ clap back. you read my mind, fam. i straight-up actually had a thought about ja a coupe of days ago. seriously. like, what is he gonna do when he come home?


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