Shotgunning Beers And Shooting Guns In Crockett, Texas

Fatigue pants should be in your closet, homie. Why? Because they look straight sick executed with the EG roll. Earl’s Apparel has a great name (who the fuck is Earl?) and makes these cotton sateen trousers in Crockett, Texas. I’ve never been to Crockett, Texas, but I bet you could have a lot of fun shotgunning beers and shooting guns there. Also, these pants are FORTY FUCKING DOLLARS. I have a feeling you own a candle more expensive than that. Also, sweet shoes, bro. You honestly go hiking in public with those on LOLZ?

  • MaG

    either hiking or long range shooting at the LL Bean headquarters. sh*ts is straight up for the granola eaters.

    them pants though i f******cks with.

  • Carlos

    I have a pair of these. Achieves that EG look on the cheap. No granola eating either. Just bacon/Sapporo ramen LOL

    • MaG

      is bacon/sapporo ramen like, an actual ramen flavor?!! where the F*CK can i cop that?

  • Caleb

    I think those shoes are a southern rich white person thing. I’m at Baylor and for about the whole first semester I was trying to figure it out. Still haven’t.