Shurt Feelings: The 10 Worst T-Shirts Of 2013

"Shurt Feelings" is an ongoing series in which we make fun of the dumbest T-shirts of the week.

Twenty thirteen is pretty much a wrap. I am typing this from the southern regions of California chilling next to a vanishing edge pool. Oh, y'all still fuck with pools that got edges still? *Jadakiss laugh* Life is good. The sun is shining. The birds are singing whatever the bird equivalent of Future's "Sh!t Remix" is whilst I peruse back through this year's worth of absolutely terrible fucking T-shirts. After doing which I came to the following conclusion: This shit will never stop! *does Puffy shake from '95* Ever.

As long as there is a terrible idea and some 23-year-old "artrepreneur" willing to produce these suspect silk-screened atrocities, then "Shurt Feelings" will always be a form of employment. And that's a very good thing. Everyone wins. Dudes that think wearing a tee featuring a pit bull with tits, smoking a blunt and ironing a pair of grape Jordans is cool get new shirts and I get to subtly point out how wild crazy human males are. Everyone is eating off this, dawgie. It's like a whole fiscal ecosystem is created off this shit. It's miraculous. Now sit back in your Internet recliner and slide through what I think has to be 10 of the worst T-shirts from the 2-0-1-3.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

8 Responses to “Shurt Feelings: The 10 Worst T-Shirts Of 2013”

  1. Shurtyourmouth

    Stopped at “dawgie”. This article is written by the hypebeast equivelant of a valley girl. Clever trolling this is not.

    • FthisFool

      Thanks for your feedback…
      But no one really cares what you thinkg because you’re obviously an idiot and the humor here went right over your gelled menswear haircut.

      • SettledownA$AP

        The shirts are ugly no doubt, but the article isn’t funny at all. Your comment is written in the exact same hashtag diatribe. It doesn’t make sense when you just string words together. This post was written for your betterment not for you to catch feelings.

  2. uoemployee

    this is literally like half the graphic t-shirt bar at urban outfitters nationwide lolololololol

  3. LSP

    “Now, you might actually have to be friendly to them because they could possibly be a buyer from PacSun.” Lol!!!!!!!!

  4. connor

    Is no one gonna mention all of those horrid Kanye west shirts? They are terribly racist, not to mention alienating to ‘his people’. I know he thinks he is a genius, but I am not going to dress like a degenerate, sacrilegious hick just to please the ‘in-crowd’


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