Shurt Feelings: Vol. VIII

"Shurt Feelings" is an ongoing series in which we make fun of the dumbest T-shirts of the week.

Did you think Shurt Feelings was gonna just go away? Nah. I stay forever out here.

I do my best to bestow my distinct wisdoms with the various guides we publish, but, on some real talk, I truly LIVE to write Shurt Feelings. This feature comes directly from the other side of my brain that only deals with graphic graphic T-shirt slander. I never asked to be the king of the T-shirt slander game—it chose me. Whether I like it or not, I am slander's anointed son. All I know is that when I get the opportunity to son the shit out of terrible fucking tees the words pour out of me on some extra slanderous lava flows. I don't think. The concepts of time and place cease to exist and I connect with my inner godly being of slanderment.

Welcome back to Shurt Feelings. You know the drilly.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.


  • bobby

    This is why I keep coming back to this site

  • Dan

    Damn its a dude in my city that made that “TRAP” shirt.

  • Guest

    I once saw a guy wearing a “Sex, drugs and dubstep”-tee.

    That actually made me laught, though. This doesn´t

  • LennyDykstrasKids

    Skip Class seems bent. SOMEONE SEND THIS MAN A TUXEDO SHIRT!!

  • Joko

    totally agree with number 7

  • Confused

    You understand it’s a Kendrick tee? What has that got to do with your “queens”

    • Themediabull

      No shit? Was it a Kendrick tee? NOBODY got that

      /sarcasm off


    This is beauty, I know for I have met her before.

  • Conna

    that trap tee dope tho. its a shame ‘trap’ is now some disco craze.

  • FilleyOfSole

    Skip Class hurting feelings as per usual. One of the greatest features ever created.

  • Dave s

    Slide 2 will be featured on this blog next week as the latest ” joint ” from Japan for $225.

  • basedgawd

    lmao so do yall just spend like 3-5 minutes on karmaloop to compile this list?

  • Joe Skromný Hrdina

    All caps, negatively kerned type, blue steel face, and some Chinese character tattoos. What?

  • The Mad Rapper X

    it should be worth mentioning that “I roll dolo from state to state” was was method man was saying when he was actin cornball in belly. keyword: corny

  • DeLi

    I will never understand wearing T’s with half naked models on them.