Shurt Feelings: Volume XIII

"Shurt Feelings" is an ongoing series in which we make fun of the dumbest T-shirts of the week.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Barack Obama

    How come none of the stupid Mark McNairy t-shirts haven´t been on this? Oh, wait…

  • Andy

    “This looks like a cut sew version of clown rape.” God, I love shurt feelings.

  • FilleyOfSole

    “used Jeremy Scott condom” had me cringing.

  • anon

    what’s wrong with the peace shirt..

    • GKS (Gentlemen Know Style)

      wrd that one is dope

    • Bongo Muffin

      Thats a terrible t-shirt, especially with that font.

  • Matt

    Did you guys just go to plndr and pick the first 10 shirts you saw? Cause I think that’s what you did just sayin…

    • GKS (Gentlemen Know Style)

      all these shirts straight from karmaloop

  • Chris

    I like how theyre all off of karmaloops network. How about you show us a collection of graphic tees as cheap as these that look nice too?

  • ChunkyLover53

    Love that one with the solar system on! Where can I cop that?

  • filthy frank

    I saw nothing Wrong with the “PEACE” Shirt In fact…I’d Probably Wear It if It was Fitted…the Solar System SHirt wasnt that Bad Either….I Think if they Made that Shirt the Color of that “NUDITY,VIOLENCE,SEXUAL CONTENT” Shirt…that Would be Better….And Floural Patterns Are So Lame….Started By Frank Ocean and thats where It stays in my opinion…I dont think Anything Was Wrong with the Vice Shirt Either…Just the Person Wearing it Looked Like an Idiot But they’re always gonna have some Confused idiot wearing a Shirt Kinda Like How the Home shopping Network Gets people With not so great looking Hands to Showoff their Jewlery? I didnt See Any OverPriced “REVOLUTION RICHE” on the List Either….although some of there Sweaters are nice….theres also Quite a few that are God Awful and OVERPRICED to the Extreme…

  • James Culf

    hahaha. funny stuff.

  • iejww

    # 7 was the best one, haha.

  • Jake Heller

    I love that all these shirts on everyone of these are just from plndr or karmaloop