Shurt Feelings: Volume XVIII

"Shurt Feelings" is an ongoing series in which we make fun of the dumbest T-shirts of the week.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • doucher

    I def read #8 as “still crappin” lmao

  • Dillon

    hey what about this!

  • Holiday Kirk

    Is it just me, or has model #9 popped up on quite a few of these?

    • nig

      so have 2 4 and 5

      • Holiday Kirk

        Those models need to fire their manager.

        • BuckDat

          They’re Karmaloop/Plndr models. But they havn’t made it to the level of that one black dude so they just model the struggle brands

          • hightoja

            The one with the mohawk?

          • Wilson

            I think he’s talking about this guy. I’ve seen him a lot of places related to non-struggle brands. Not sure though

          • Wilson

            Forgot pic

  • thatoneguy

    you guysmust not have any expreience with west coast rap, cuz the “gangsta rap made me do it” tee is from a famous Ice Cube track. I’d cop.

    • cozyKev

      lol ???????????

  • Johnny B

    That first shirt is definitely dumb on that dude, but I think it could be alright on other people.

    • Johnny B

      Just realized it’s mesh though….. nah…