Here’s A Backpack To Rock With Your Air Yeezy 2’s If You Like Looking Like A Total Boner

Okay, so these "Yeezy" backpacks from Magic Stick and Porter are pretty wack. Not only are the OG color schemes used in Air Yeezy 2's extremely hackneyed, but Kanye himself is onto bigger (and maybe better) things at Adidas. But I guess this is a testament to the lasting legacy of hype and how anything remotely connected with Kanye is wildly sellable. If you want to be a total boner, rock the bag and the sneakers at the same time. Anyway, these bags are currently sold out via Magic Stick's online shop, but are set to hit their stockists in the next week, including mad spots in Japan you've never heard of. Maybe take that as a sign that you shouldn't own this backpack.

  • Mephisto

    Shut up, Woolf, we all know this shit made you wet as fuck

  • Swag Daddy

    Kanye anything is wack af, it’s just become synonymous with overpriced fuckboy type shit. congrats on spending $400 on a backpack to match your overpriced shoes.

  • Tmon3ydadjmbr ($da original$)

    Welp whatever works for you.