Who Is Craig And Why Is He OG?

Shoutout to Haven’s copywriter for describing the label on these Bedwin sweatpants as “…situated at the rear.” EXTRA RATION OF KRAFT DINNER FOR YOU, MY GUY. If you didn’t know, Kraft Dinner is what Canadians and Martians call macaroni and cheese. Additional shouts to Bedwin for calling these the "Craig OG" sweatpants. I have no fucking idea who Craig is or why is an original gangster, but I'm just gonna assume that’s a reference to Craig from Friday. Which, incidentally, was the first DVD my dad ever bought himself when DVD players were first invented because, obviously, my dad is the shit.

  • Druglord420

    ok, i see this look good but i dont have any 300 dollar in my pocket for fucking sweatpants.fuckyou capitalism

    • Kevin

      your name is misleading. I, for one, would assume someone who calls themself Druglord420 would be BOUT THAT LUXE LIFE.

  • Austin

    I only cop struggle sweats from Forever 21men, nobody ever has to know I went in there. That store as big as fuck so I can be in and out and never have to be seen by anybody but the hot chick in the men’s department and the gay dude that works the register

  • stfumikep

    Hey guys, you currently have 3 articles about sweatpants on your front page. Let’s change it up.