The Sky’s The Limit For Adidas’s ZX Flux

NEW YORK — The Adidas ZX Flux is quickly ascending to the status of "go-to street savvy runner" across the sneaker community. In fact, many top analysts think it is poised to overthrow the throne that is currently held by the Nike Roshe Run within the next 3-4 months.

The ZX Flux is, according to one industry expert who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, "One of the first non-bricks by Adidas's notoriously struggle design team in a minute." Combining a mesh upper with some sort of heel counter plastic something or another, the look of the shoe is sleek, modern and decisively non-strug. Four Pins Deputy Editor Jian DeLeon describes the new silhouette as, "Quite on and poppington."

In a recent snap poll conducted by 21 Mercer University, it was found that 61% of those who identify as "Hypebeasts" find the ZX Flux to be a "banger" for Adidas, while only 6% consider it "fuckshit because it's not Nike, bruh."

We reached out to Complex Senior Staff writer Russ Bengtson for a quote (by turning to our left and yelling at him), to which he replied, "Yeah, sure, maybe." With this kind of conviction, it seems as if the sky's the limit for the ZX Flux. A new collection of colorways is set to hit Adidas retailers tomorrow, March 29th.

  • too lazy to sign in

    that sole is still strug city tho. cant quite fukk w mainline adidas apart from the classics, collabs r where its at these days

  • Mike

    looks like i’m part of the 6%

  • Stjepan

    likeing a little bit of different writing

  • Diabolus ex Machina

    Lmao. I though you guys had done actual research till I started reading. Regardless, I want to cop a pair myself.

  • martytomas

    I respectfully disagree with your position on this particular issue.

  • fuccyouraunty

    shut the fuck up with this over saturated shoe your mom will probly have a pair and who the are these “sneaker analysts exactly? fuckin dumbass complex generic ass blog

  • Thig Nat

    These are dope.

    • Carver Low

      TIL Thig reads the pinz. fizzikal.

  • JT

    I mess with these, I know all the short asians rock the roshe runs cause them thangs give like 2 inches in height lmao

  • Yes.

    These are going to be just as strug as roshe runs by fall.