What Is “Slubby” Anyways?

I really like this T-shirt from Officine Generale because it reminds me of the plates you only use when you go camping and probably that one luxe breakfast spot that serves full English breakfasts. You know what I'm talking about? The enameled dishes and shit? Anyways, that's what the speckling reminds me of. According to UNIONMADE, this tee is very slubby. Yo, what the fuck is "slubby" anyways? I just know that it's a good thing and if you make really slubby gear you can charge people like me way more money.

  • Msibi

    Slubby, like slub yarn.

    • Mephisto

      jump off a bridge

  • Name

    Dawg I can’t afford none of the shit ya’ll cosign.

  • Joe Division

    Slub is a type of fabric babe..

    • michael

      nope nope