Smedium Tall Tees

Check out Lanvin making some smedium tall tees. FUCK YEAH. To all my thuggies out there, this is how you do it. That adorable chubby French guy (assuming he exists) is definitely the man and he needs some cool T-shirts too! People need to seriously bring back tall tees to pair up with their drop crotches and Timbs. I figure the math goes a little something like this: (Timbs + Richard Owens) Lanvin = Your friends stifling laughter as you order a western omelet. Don't forget to spring for the Sriracha.

  • taylor

    not sure bout this jon…. this looks awful, and am sure it costs an arm and leg

  • Themediabull

    There are no people that have worked a hard day in their life (wealth or poor) who would justify the price tag of this plain t-shirt. This garment was created for people with no concept of the value of money aka trust fund kids and gold diggers. Bill Gates wouldn´t cop this if he was into fashion.