A Sneaking Suspicion That Things Aren’t Gonna Work Out

So 6876  and Cash CA just released the first of two drops from their collaboration for 2014. And—DUH—I want to buy it all. If you ever wondered how I see myself in my mind's eye, just check out their mini lookbook. THAT'S WHAT I SEE IN THE MIRROR. I KNOW IT’S A PROJECTION, BUT IDC, IDC. For real, the Sonora jacket is a dope technical jacket and the track pants are fucking ill. I don’t even care if you guys think I’m on Cash CA’s dick because you know what? I am. And there's something to be said about being enthusiastic about a brand. YOU PEOPLE EXHAUST ME WITH YOUR JADED OUTLOOK ON LIFE. But, for real though, someone buy me those sweatpants because I dropped a ton of hints in an email with the press liaison about how much I would appreciate getting the entire collection in exchange for my substantial influence, but I have this sneaking suspicion that things aren't not gonna work. The eight pieces are available for sale right now on 6876's website.