Snood, The Game

Yo, if your scarf or neck warmer thing isn’t capable of also covering your face like a special ops mask, I don’t understand what you’re spending your money on anymore. This "thing" from Wtaps is called a "snood", but I refuse to say that word out loud. Way back when I went to college, and could actually relate to you motherfuckers, there was this game called Snood. Shit was like Candy Crush, but instead of on your phone you played it on your computer. I KNOW, I KNOW, BUT GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE ONLY RICH KIDS HAD LAPTOPS. APPLE COMPUTERS WERE, LIKE, SKITTLE COLORED AND PEOPLE STILL USED FLOPPY DISKS, WHICH WERE BASICALLY BIG ASS SD CARDS.

  • HL Merkin


  • Bobby K

    If this is a vague reference to The Lorax’s Thneed, I want it.

  • Sir

    yo rothco sells these for like $15 i was on this flow last year son

  • mikeylab

    i remember snood. the poor man’s bust-a-move, of which we had tournaments in my college’s cafe.