Snug It Like Beckham

Sure, it's almost too easy to make fun of Brits when they enjoy things like spotted dick for dessert, and hey, I'm sure it tastes as great as it sounds. But the real travesty is actually liking an H&M piece only to find out it's a UK exclusive. What's up with that? How the fuck does America get stuck with a lousy pair of David Beckham Bodywear boxer shorts while our English buddies get to saunter around Savile Row in this dope ass hooded robe "dressing gown"? NO ONE WOULD ROCK THIS SHIT OVER THERE. But us? You already know we're all about that delinquent cozy life. I'm pretty sure this is penance for the American Revolution. [Editor's Note: There is no evidence that you will look like image three when you wear this robe. But there's also no evidence that you WON'T.]

  • Jake

    Beckham looks like he’s been staring at Nick Wooster pics in that last photograph. Maybe that hooded robe comes in camo.

  • Chip Van Slam

    True story-got one at the Michigan Ave location in Chicago. I manifest Beckhamesque realness on a daily basis. (except for the abs.)

  • Ryan

    I live in NY and I’ve seen the robe, It’s just hard to find. There’s 4 H&M’s near me, two in my city and two in different areas, and only one of them carries it.
    You just have to venture out if you really want it. For $70, I’ll just wait for it to go on sale, like the long johns (which I got for $10 instead of $30) :)