Some Burning Questions Regarding Kith’s White Label

Ronnie Fieg's new Kith White Label lookbook just dropped and I'm going to go ahead and assume that "White Label" implies the clothes are things like "clean" and "nice," which begs the question: Is Ronnie Fieg racist? We have some other burning questions that need answering as well. How does one "collaborate with 13thWitness" on a lookbook? He took the photos right? Or did you guys press the button at the same time or something? Also, there's, like, a Mommy, Daddy and baby character thing happening here, right? That's one good looking family. Dad works creative at a small shop ad agency and mom's an ex-model activist. They live in Fort Greene. They totally live in Fort Greene. Overall the collection is a pretty solid range of sweatshirts, jacket, pants 'n bullshit, but, Ronnie, why are you using non-Ronnie-Fieg-footwear in your own lookbook, brah? You're feeling yourself way too hard to slip up like that.


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  1. Reggie

    Real men don’t wear pants with those stupid elastic cuffs at the end. /comments

    • Luchini

      Shots fired. When my pair arrive I’ll shave my beard with a butchers knife and cleanse myself with 30 year old scotch…. then have sex with ALL the wimmen.

      • not a man but a man

        good job hopefully reggie here will approve you with your manliness

    • keepit100g

      real men don’t comment on fashion sites either?
      what is a real man bro

  2. Viktor Vash

    Def a racists. Last years “Blue” label was made only in adult sizes to screw smurfs around the country. Can you really not tell how multiple people can work on one lookbook? Shall someone explain how the guy behind the lens of that movie camera is not actually the guy who wrote the movie.

  3. CT

    As a technical designer/deisgner , let me chime in on some design issues and fit issues of this pant. Yes its a good start to a pair of cuffed pants the issue comes with the fabrics being used. The heavy cotton twill contains no elastane which usually gives a pant some stretch or ease. If you chose to have a “carrot” fit on a pair of pants big at the thigh with it tapering down to the hem, it would be advised to find a stretch twill. Second comes would be the waist sizing on these pants; they run too big. I don’t think these were meant to be vanity sized, I bought a 30 to examine it, I measured the waist at 34 inches, typically on most pants a labeled 30 would be an actual 32 to give some ease for the wearer. The third issue is the coin pocket; its not accessible, the marker on the pattern must be too high, you cant get to it. It’s too close to the top opening of the front pocket. And lastly the elastic cuffs should’ve been sourced to match the color of the pant.

  4. Tj Matally

    Sophisticated streetwear can look so sexy at times. Those cuffed burgundy pants (sweats?) with the Timbs made me think just that.


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