Something Is Definitely Wrong With You, But Nobody’s Quite Sure What It Is Exactly

Asymmetry is the new symmetry. Why match when you can mismatch? Why is symmetry inherently attractive? What does the human body have against asymmetry? Those are questions for another day, but this 1205 three-quarter sleeve sweater is for right now. The sleeves end up right in that awkward zone below your elbow, but above your wrist, so you're not entirely sure what to do with 'em. Wear a long-sleeve collared shirt underneath like our boy above and you run the risk of looking like something is definitely wrong with you, but nobody's quite sure what it is exactly. Me? I'd throw a polo on underneath or roll with a tee for minimal itchiness. But, no matter the quality of the wool—100% sexless—let's be real, you're still gonna get the itch like a three-year-old with chicken pox.

  • mordeaux

    Actually, the human body is wildly assymetrical when you consider inner anatomy like the heart being on one side or two very different lungs on each side. Also, some scientists speculate that our assymetrical brains might be the defining factor that separates man from beasts. #themoreyouknow.
    Man i sound like a fucking asshole

    • Geof

      And the award for the most unnecessarily thorough #actually goes to…