Sometimes Skateboarders Appreciate Iconic Symbols Of Corporate America

I recently acquired this Supreme x Loro Piana wool trench coat, no flex, but kind-of-definitely flex. And let me tell you, this shit is fucking awesome. I'm literally wearing it while I'm writing this, indoors like a doucher because I endorse it that thoroughly. If you're wondering to yourself, "Oh, but I can't tell how the wool feels through my computer screen" then I'm here to say it's softer than kitten butterfly kisses. The fit is also great, although if you were blessed enough to be over 6' tall it might be a little on the short side for you.

It was also surprising to see how pleased the staff was at the Supreme store when I bought this. Two of the employees commended me on my selection, while the store manager laced me with a whole bunch of stickers and couple of pins, one of which I just so happen to be wearing on my new coat. I would have never guessed that a bunch of skateboarders would be so stoked to see someone who clearly can't ollie buy a trench coat made of Italian wool, considering 50 years ago, this exact garment was an iconic symbol of cold weather corporate America. But I guess at a certain point they're just sick of having 16-year-olds come in, try on 6 different hats and 4 hoodies, only to buy none of it.

  • James Jebbia

    No Pics? God knows we don’t want to see your faggot self in it, but a couple detail shots would be nice. Then again, what else to expect from the biggest fuckboi in the entire Supreme community.

    • Jason Dill

      Go easy on em James, he just put up enough profit to re-tile the master bathrooms in BOTH your tribeca lofts.

      • James Jebbia

        Suckers. Hey what do you think about an entire season fucking awesome collabs? I’m about ready to turn the chips in on this whole Supreme gig. Go out with a bang?

        • Jason Dill

          You know how I love to bang your fans.

    • Fellow

      “the Supreme community”

  • Ty the Cashier

    Jake, I can say with the most sincerity, if we knew you were this big of a faggot, we would not have sold you the jacket.

    • Jake Woolf

      “Ty”, I can say with the most sincerity, stop posting under multiple names to seem important.


      We can still see your IP address.

    • bruce

      TY is a pretty gay name.

  • 92

    you dropped your fedora

  • Tony

    wow @ creating jake woolf fan fiction