Air Jordan VI “Infrared” Sorely Disappoints

The Air Jordan VI "Infrared" is dropping in February. While sneakerheads everywhere may be jumping for joy that one of their favorite J's is making a return, I am sorely disappointed. Like, what the fuck is up with this Infrared? Apparently, some sneaker fanatics (read: fake ass booty goons) have actually complained that in previous releases the Infrared was too just, um, red. Thanks for fucking nothing, guys. Why would anyone in their right mind complain that red doesn't look pink enough? These VI's look like some colorway Reebok would throw on a beat ass retro silhouette and force Swizz Beats to wear with leopard print tube socks and a gold plated snapback. Hopefully the Black/Infrared colorway that is expected to release later in 2014 will bring the goods. I mean, still finna cop doe, but whatever.

15 Responses to “Air Jordan VI “Infrared” Sorely Disappoints”

  1. michael

    shit actually looks proper. nike messed up infrared a long time ago, when the am90 was still a eu exclusive. history of air is probably when things went south.

  2. James Branley

    I clicked on this article expecting some design change… Instead I got a dude whining about the color and saying he’ll buy them.

  3. AllMe

    These would be perfect without that fucking blue sole. I’m tied of that shit

  4. Ryan Reynolds

    The writing is stylistic and satirical. I encourage you to look up those words because I know some of you didn’t even know they existed.

  5. Csole Cavada

    Umm it’s more infrared because that’s how the 91 OGs were exactly like.. Pinkish!

  6. TJ

    I thought TaoBao grey market sellers were in a rush and had just fucked the infrared up as they were trying to get unauthorized pairs to market lol. Guess it was Nike’s fault after all.

  7. max

    shut ya gay ass up u know u gonna buy these pieces of shit anyway bc they gonna be hyped up

  8. Justin Bakota

    this kid jake woolf is really the worst. infrared could be the most iconic, sickest jordan ever made. the varsity reds are trash compared to these. four-pins, this kid is doing you a huge disservice. i stopped reading the site altogether because of this kid’s asinine posts. talking about og jordans and how supreme isn’t cool anymore when he was probably 10 years old in 2000. such a joke.


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