Sorry, Nerds

Guys, remember when DVD players first came out and everyone owned the same two DVDs, Saving Private Ryan and The Matrix? And remember how we all made fun of people for wanting to dress like The Matrix? OOPS. SORRY, NERDS. OUR COLLECTIVE BAD. YOU CAN KEEP THE LEATHER TRENCH COATS, BUT WE'RE STEALING YOUR MURDERED OUT LONG SHIRTS AND COOL CELL PHONES AND PROLLY THAT ONE SAMURAI SWORD TOO. For real though, Machus just went ahead and deaded any reason to look somewhere else for a long shirt. The price ain't that bad either. I don't know what the fuck you'e waiting around for. This shit is gonna sell

  • Mephisto

    how is that price not bad

    • Austin

      Bruh. This isn’t uniqlo, high quality premium products are gonna cost you a but more $185 for a dress shirt is inexpensive when it comes to quality

      • Nigger

        you’re a bitch

  • Art

    Honestly, this shirt is fucking retarded.

  • ATLien

    The first DVD’s I owned were the Rock, the Big Lebowski, and the Matrix !! So true. There was a rumor, too, that the Matrix wasn’t going to be released on VHS because the special effects were so “fast” and good that VHS wouldn’t be able to capture them.

    I haven’t seen the Matrix in at least 8 years. I bet it sucks now.