Spatial + Closeness

San Fran is the kind of place that thrives on juxtaposition and you start to see that pattern the more time you spend there. You're downtown and then instantly on Mount Tam. The facade of a place looks like shit, but it's immaculate inside. You live a coast away from acquaintances, but they treat you like family. No matter the expanses of space and distance between lives, there is a warming reciprocity in San Francisco. Flights longer than 2 hours give me anxiety. This time it was worth it.

Justin Bridges is a photographer living in NYC. See more of his work on his blog, Tucked, here. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • morrissey

    please don’t call it “San Fran”

    • Guest

      FRISCO it is then? 😉 (just kidding)

    • Bike Pretty

      What’s wrong with San Fran?

      • Andrew So

        San Franciscans can spot a tourist immediately by the use of the phrase “San Fran”. If you don’t feel like pronouncing four syllables, say “SF”.

        • Bobbobricard

          And who gives a shit to be spotted as a tourist when you’re actually one?

          • Andrew So


        • Bike Pretty

          Mind blown.

          Despite living in San Fran and growing up in the San Fran Bay Area, I have never known this surefire way to spot a tourist.

          Maybe I don’t understand what the word “tourist” means.

          *goes off to reexamine life and all life choices*

  • Geoffrey

    or say the city