Double Stuffed

Jordan Brand is set to release the Air Jordan V "Oreo" on Black Friday. First of all, here's to hoping no one gets stabbed over these considering bad shit tends to happen when it comes to Black Friday and sneaker releases, so you can imagine my concern when the two are combined. But damn, this sneaker is some pretty dope jawnery. As soon as you take something that is already decidedly well-designed and put it in some monochromatic color scheme you're basically guaranteed a win. All you, the wearer, needs to do is pair these with some black pants and a simple topcoat because—and here's your patented Four Pins wisdom dosage of the day—J's look way better when paired with a traditional topcoat than they do with just sweatpants and a hoodie. I mean, just look at the dude from Tres Bien in his IV's. CASE CLOSED. Look to get double stuffed (gross) at select retailers like Wish on November 29.

  • SMH…

    the hail y’all smokin over there. Js with a top coat? smh… fallin off four-pins

  • Noah Dillon

    Clean release. But leave the J’s for high school kids. Always feel like a kid if I wear any at age 20.

  • meow

    J’s are timeless. Wtf you talking bout “feeling like a kid?”