Stay Woke And Keep Your Heart

Acne makes these perfectly basic T-shirts. Acne is that brand I only first heard about because a really pretty girl who always wore really tight black jeans and gauzy tank tops told a mutual friend of ours that she only wore Acne jeans. She was one of the only people I knew from L.A. in college and now I just assume every girl in southern California wears really, really tight black Acne jeans and threadbare T-shirts with the Gretzky tuck, and touches your elbow at parties the way only girls can touch your elbow at parties that makes you envision a life together that involves her teaching film theory at the University of Texas Austin and you smoking that loud while making her a bangin' skirt steak and pommes frites timed perfectly to be ready when she gets home from work and you dine in the backyard of your small, but airy bungalow filled with pottery from her BFA program and photos you took together on a road trip through the deep south. GIRLS WHO WEAR TIGHT BLACK JEANS AND GRETZKY TUCK THOSE SHIRTS THAT ALLOW YOU TO SEE HINTS OF THEIR BLACK LACEY BRA WILL MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN THINGS LIKE NEVER-ENDING COMMITMENT, POTTERY AND LIVING SOMEWHERE LIKE AUSTIN. STAY WOKE AND KEEP YOUR HEART.

  • Alex

    God Bless Jon Moy, God Bless


    i know that feel bruh

  • 2chainz

    Hahaha. Never thought I’d see a UT reference on the pinz. Hook’em

  • conhnore

    ~girls in Acne jeans~

  • Jean Paul Versace

    UT reference fuck yeah hook ’em bitches

    • Jean Paul Versace

      wait.. Jon Moy, did you go to UT?

  • ConnecttheDOTX

    Oh, you just realized?

  • poop moy

    poop moy

  • poop moy

    u give me the spooks moy

  • lordcockburn

    Favorite Post of all Time.